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Tania Muentes

International Accounting

Tania Muentes is a Licensed Public Accountant and she plays a crucial role in the accounting and financial management of JKT Law Inc., ensuring accuracy and transparency in all of the firm's financial operations. Her deep knowledge of accounting principles and her experience in preparing financial reports are essential to maintaining the financial health of the company and ensuring compliance with accounting regulations both in Colombia and abroad.


Additionally, as the person in charge of recruiting personnel at Colombia International Lawyers SAS, Tania deploys her organizational skills and her ability to identify and recruit talent effectively. Her meticulous approach and attention to detail are reflected in the staffing process, ensuring that qualified candidates are hired who contribute to the company's success and meet the specific needs of each project or task.

In her role as director of the International Property Management (Airbnb Rental) division of Colombia International Lawyers SAS, Tania closely supervises international property management, ensuring that all operations are carried out efficiently and in compliance with regulations. local and international regulations. Her ability to coordinate and manage multiple aspects of property management ensures a seamless experience for both landlords and tenants, reinforcing the firm's reputation as a leader in comprehensive legal and business solutions.

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