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Do you want to start running your business here in Colombia?

Or are you looking for investment and boosting existing business?  We can help you.

Investing in a S.A.S (LLC)

There are companies in Colombia with good ideas but lack of capital. If you want to invest in an existing business, we accompany you in the process and advise you to protect your assets and minimize risks.

Forming a S.A.S (LLC)

If you want to execute your own business idea in Colombia, we assist you in the process by forming a S.A.S that secures your personal assets.

Taxation & Accounting

Our interdisciplinary team can help you with tax compliance and financial accounting in Colombia and the United States of America.  

Modifications to a S.A.S (LLC)

If you already have a S.A.S and want to adjust or reorganize the agreement we can help you achieve your goals, advising and accompanying you every step of the way.

Trademark Registration

Our interdisciplinary team can help you registering your trademark in Colombia.


Let's Work Together

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