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Melissa Dailey

Legal Assistant - California

Meet Mrs. Melissa Dailey, our esteemed Paralegal Manager at JKT Law Inc. Mrs. Dailey has been a pivotal force in our firm since her joining in 2018, embodying the perfect blend of expertise, dedication, and leadership.


With our high volume of family law and personal injury cases, Mrs. Dailey has amassed considerable experience and knowledge in these areas during her now more than 5 years since joining the office (formerly the Law Offices of Justin Kirk Tabayoyon). She capably manages our substantial personal injury case load, ensuring every client gets the dedicated service and attention they deserve.

In her capacity as Paralegal Manager, Mrs. Dailey's role extends beyond the usual. She mentors and guides our newer paralegals, ensuring quality control over our work products before they reach an attorney for final review.

Further exemplifying her commitment to professional development and growth, Mrs. Dailey has completed a paralegal studies program. This added qualification enriches her already substantial legal expertise and strengthens her capabilities in delivering top-quality services to our clients.

Fluent in Spanish, Mrs. Dailey bridges the language barrier, enabling us to cater to a wider clientele and providing effective cross-cultural communication. Residing in Sacramento, she plays a crucial role in our Northern California cases, ensuring comprehensive and effective client service across the state.

In essence, Mrs. Dailey's role is vital in upholding our firm's commitment to excellence, accuracy, and customer-centric service. She embodies the spirit of our high standards and is a driving force behind our successful track record.

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