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Valeria Soto

Legal Assistant - California
Attorney - Colombia

Meet Ms. Valeria Soto. With her diverse legal background and fluency in both English and Spanish, Ms. Soto offers unparalleled assistance to our team and our clientele.


Holding a law degree from the esteemed University of Envigado Institute in Colombia, Ms. Soto brings a wealth of legal knowledge and insights to our practice. In her role as a legal assistant, she navigates the complexities of civil litigation with the skill of an attorney, providing crucial support in both state and federal cases.

Ms. Soto's responsibilities span across a variety of legal domains including personal injury, police misconduct, and divorce cases. Through strategic planning and rigorous case preparation, she continually plays an instrumental role in delivering positive outcomes for our clients.

As a bilingual professional, Ms. Soto embodies our commitment to serving a diverse clientele. She is the primary point of contact for all our Spanish-speaking family law and civil litigation clients, providing them with timely case updates and reassurance throughout the legal process.

Ms. Soto's contributions have been invaluable to our firm’s commitment to justice and client satisfaction. Her robust legal education, empathetic approach, and dedication to serving our clients define her professional persona. As she continues to bring her remarkable skills and deepening experience to our practice, we are confident that she is poised for a brilliant future in the legal arena.

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