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At Colombia International Lawyers, we aim to simplify the process of settling your legal fees. We offer a variety of convenient payment methods to accommodate our clients' preferences and ensure a seamless transaction experience. Whether you prefer traditional methods such as bank transfers or seek the convenience of online payment platforms, we've got you covered.

Payment Methods

logo Bancolombia
QR Bancolombia

You can scan this QR code with your Bancolombia app or you can do a transfer to:

Colombia International Lawyers S.A.S 

NIT: 901590848

Cuenta de Ahorros Bancolombia # 37900003225


For payments from the United States in dollars you can use LawPay and you can also make the payment through the following Stripe link.

Law Pay

Notice: Debit and Credit Card Payments are subject to a 5% surcharge that will appear as an itemized charge on your invoice. We encourage you to pay by wire transfer to Bancolombia from your bank account or pay in cash. 

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